About CoreFocus

My Mission

My mission is to build you up to be the strongest version of yourself, mentally and physically. I will support you to create a healthy mindset and habits, as well as a healthy body.


Getting you from where you are,

to where you want to be.

Having worked with many different clients over the years I could see that it was the time outside of our personal training and Pilates sessions that was the main struggle for most people. This is why lifestyle management and building healthy habits and a strong, positive mindset became a key focus in order for my clients to see long-term results. 


Together we will find what is holding you back and build a solid foundation to build you back up to be the strongest version of yourself. A flexible exercise and nutrition plan based around sustainability means you will not feel deprived and still see results. Shifting the focus to begin enjoying the journey and celebrating your achievements will see you feeling confident and accomplished.